BIO-FLO®  AUTOMATIC DISPENSING SOLUTIONS grease trap grease traps septic tank


Economical, modular systems to meet customers’ needs

AutoDoseTM dispensers are an economical way to dispense a wide variety of automatically dispensed bacterium into drain lines, grease traps or other containers at the touch of a button. With AutoDoseTM Series dispensers, dilution is controlled by drawing bacteria through metering tips of varying size and injecting this metered amount into the water flow.

Superior design for optimum performance and ease of use

Using flexible programming capability, the 1100 Series AutoDose Pumps dose drains, grease traps, interceptors, holding tanks, water treatment systems or other areas at the appropriate times. An easily programmed timer, which is housed in a moisture/vapor-resistant enclosure, turns the pump on and off to ensure regular dosing of bacteria.

Features & Benifits

Better bacterial performance
Labor savings
Improved employee safety
Environmentally friendly
BIO-FLO® recommended dispensing system.
Maximum flexibility for customized dosing
Choice of days, time (AM or PM) and dosings (in one ounce or 30 ml increments)
Up to 24 dosing periods per 24 hours
Capability to dose every day, or just on specific days

Downloads & LinksSeries/Model Information Sheet
Product Specifications
Instruction Sheet - Models 1060, 1070, 1080 
Instruction Sheet - Models 1170, 1180, 1190