Restaurant  grease trap maintenance & grease trap
treatment and cleaning of kitchen grease
traps, clogged drains and grease trap odors.  For 
restaurant grease traps, commercial grease traps,
water traps, drain traps & plumbing traps. Grease
trap interceptor cleaner eliminates costly grease
trap service.  BIO-FLO® grease trap cleaner is a grease
trap maintenance product that eliminates grease
trap service, grease trap odors & grease trap pump 
outs. Grease trap cleaners by EnviroLab provide 
biological grease trap cleaning resulting in renewed
grease traps and opens drain clogs. Use BIO-FLO®
and make clogged drains, grease trap odor and grease trap
pump out service disappear !

BIO-FLO® is a grease trap treatment & grease trap
cleaner that eliminates grease trap cleaning, 
grease trap pumping and grease trap build up  in restaurant
grease traps and grease trap systems.  EnviroLab is a 
Better Business Bureau A+ Rated company offering 
grease trap additives, grease trap products and 
non-enzyme grease trap maintenance treatments. 

Grease Trap 101: 

Grease trap treatment of grease traps & grease interceptors
allows grease trap additives to bring grease traps to 
bare wall and surface condition. Not a grease trap enzyme,
as grease trap enzymes will re-solidify, BIO-FLO® 
grease trap bacteria is a grease trap maintainer for grease
traps and grease interceptors that will eliminate grease 
trap pumping, grease trap service and grease trap maintenance
for restaurant grease traps, kitchen grease traps, water traps,
lift stations, commercial grease traps, septic tanks, septic systems,
leach fields, mound systems and all types of institutional grease
trap systems.

Grease trap treatments restore grease traps and maintain
grease traps in compliance with grease trap ordinances & grease
trap guidelines. Grease traps and septic tank bacterial
maintenance enhance naturally occurring grease trap digesting
bacteria, resulting in grease trap cleaning accomplished
biologically without use of expensive and ineffective grease trap
enzymes, bio-zyme, grease trap chemicals or grease trap pumpers.
BIO-FLO® grease trap non enzyme bacteria is the grease trap cleaner used by grease trap cleaners !

~Eliminates Grease Trap Pumping
~Restores Drain Lines
~No Need For Drain Jetting
~Eradicates Grease Trap Smell
~Controls Pollutant Discharge
~Environmentally Safe
~Digests & Liquifies Solids
~Prevents Costly Plumbing Service
~Extends Life of Drains & Fixtures
~Maintains Trap at Proper PH
~Controls Total Suspended Solids
~Keeps F.O.G. Levels in Compliance
~Restores Drains to Original Diameter
~Removes the Source of Trap Odors
~Restores Clogged Drains
~Effective on Grease Interceptors
~Reactivates Septic Systems
~Shocks Clogged Drain Fields
~Renews Leach Fields
~Solves Problems Before They Occur
~Restores Failed Cesspools 
~Highest Bacteria Count Available
~Eliminates Food Source for Drain Flies
~Track Record of Success 
~Restores & Maintains Grease Traps
~Extends intervals of septic pumping
~Use on soda and ice machine drains
~Great for residential use

How biological grease treatment works

The treatment process works in two stages - firstly enzymes break down the grease particles into smaller molecules, then specially selected bacteria latch onto and break down the grease particles to their core components ultimately to water and carbon dioxide.

Grease is essentially a mixture of long-chain fatty acids and glycerol.

C-g-C-l-C-y-C- c-C-e-C-r-C- o-C- l-C

Biological treatment works by first using enzymes to strip down the bond between the glycerol and the fatty acids.

C g C l C y C c C e C r C o C l C

This reduces the matter into smaller more digestible particles.

C   C   C    C   C    C    C   C   C
  g    l    y    c    e    r    o   l 

The specially selected bacteria then latch onto and degrade the grease deposits reducing them to their core components – water and carbon dioxide.

C   C    C    C    C   C   C   C   C     
  g    l    y    c    e    r    o   l   =>  H20 & C02





-Catering Operators



-Portable Lavatories




-Sewage Treatment Facilities



-Health Care Facilities

-Nursing Homes


-Golf Clubs

-Hunting Lodge

-Septic Installations

-Lift Stations

​-Holding Tanks

-Country Clubs

-Event Centers


-Shopping Centers

​-Food Court

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Usage Instructions

Apply weekly via sink at closing time or overnight in 24 hour facilities.



About Biological Grease Treatment

Traditionally the only way to manage fat, oil and grease from a commercial kitchen was to use a conventional grease trap fitted inside the kitchen or externally.

However in recent years advances in biotechnology have led to the identification of naturally occurring micro-organisms which have the ability to attack and degrade grease particles.

Regular treatment of the drainage system (or a connecting grease trap) using biological additives creates a living-culture of bacteria which works to break down fat, oil and grease throughout the day.

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