ENVIRO-FLO® is a synergistic blend of 9 anaerobic strands of bacteria in a micronutrient base engineered to eliminate years of buildup in septic installations. ENVIRO-FLO® liquifies the sludge on the surface and floating cap on the top of the septic tank, creating a free-flow of pure water and ending backups & pump service. One water soluble packet applied monthly directly to a toilet and flushed enters the containment unit  whole and then dissolves, maintaining the tank in new condition at all times. ENVIRO-FLO® is OSHA, NSF and EPA compliant, non-corrosive, non-allergenic and extends the service life of septic installations by safely removing the source of odors and clogs. ENVIRO-FLO® by EnviroLab is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Company offering unmatched performance. Never have the problem in the first place !        

                                             [BIO-FLO By EnviroLab eliminates drain jetting and septic tank cleaning services !]       [Never clean out septic systems...use BIO-FLO instead !]


BIO-FLO® Septic Tank Bacteria reactivate septic systems, leach fields, cesspools, mound systems, holding tanks & any installation where septic problems, septic system failure or septic backups has occurred. Septic system care utilizing live Septic Bacteria results in elimination of emergency septic service, septic odor and septic tank back ups. Use Enviro-Flo® Septic System Enzyme Treatment for septic tank maintenance or BIO-FLO® Septic System Bacteria Additive to activate new septic system installations and solve septic problems.

~Environmentally Safe 
~Digests & Liquifies Solids
~Prevents Costly Pumping Service
~Maintains Septic System at Proper PH
~Controls Total Suspended Solids
~Keeps F.O.G. Levels in Compliance
~Restores Drains to Original Diameter        
~Removes the Source of Septic Odors
~Restores Clogged Inlets
~Effective on Mound Systems
~Reactivates Septic Systems
~Shocks Clogged Drain Fields
~Renews Leach Fields
~Solves Problems Before They Occur
~Restores Failed Cesspools 
~Highest Bacteria Count Available
~Eliminates Food Source for Drain Flies
~Eliminates Emergency Pumping      
~Restores Drain Lines
~No Need For Drain Jetting
~Eradicates Septic Tank Smell
~Controls Pollutant Discharge 

~Extends Life of Drains & Fixtures ~Track Record of Success 
~Restores & Maintains Septic Systems
~Extends Intervals of Septic Service
~Extends Life of Septic Installations
~Great for Residential Use 
~Top Septic Tank Treatment Available